Europe’s strongest test hub for advanced drone technology

Serious plans are underway for a new regional Danish lighthouse project within drones and robotics. NextGen Robotics will bring together Funen’s unique competencies within robotics, drones and unmanned sea vessels to develop the next generation of robots and autonomous high technology. UAS Denmark Test Center and HCA Airport is part of NextGen Robotics that has […]

Boeing showcases state-of-the-art arctic drone technology in Denmark

In mid-October, UAS Denmark Test Center, one of Northern Europe’s leading hubs for drone technology development, is hosting ArcticX2021 – a large-scale international demonstration of a new high-tech surveillance system for remote monitoring of the Arctic. The system has been developed by the IDG consortium with participation from, amongst others, Boeing’s drone company, Insitu. Aircraft […]

New competence centre for smaller drones at HCA Airport

Henceforward, HCA Airport and UAS Denmark will provide the framework for the Ministry of Defence’s new competence centre for smaller drones. The centre supports the drone competencies that at present exist in and around the airport.  The drone field experiences a rapid development, and smaller drones are particularly finding greater and greater applications in the […]