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Irsa Dev. Group/Insitu

In October 2021, UAS Denmark Test Center hosted ArcticX2021 – a large-scale international demonstration of a new high-tech surveillance system for remote monitoring of the Arctic region. The system is called IRSA and was developed by the IRSA Development Group (IDG) consisting of, among others, Insitu Inc that is a drone daughter company of the aircraft manufacturer Boeing.

IRSA integrates technologies such as drones, satelites, aircraft and underwater vehicles including four different types of drone vehicles – High Altitude Long Endurance UAS (HALE), Medium Altitude Long Endurance UAS (MALE), Optionally Piloted Aircraft (OPA) and Small UAS.

Prior to the demonstration, Insitu moved into the ecosystem at HCA Airport with three containers filled with gear and equipment to test their drones.


In 2019, A-TECHsyn visited UAS Denmark Test Center to perform a BVLOS flight and showcase their technology at the International Drone show – an annual global gathering where drone companies from around the world can meet potential partners and conduct BVLOS tests in a world-class environment. The international Drone Show was in 2019 visited by 250 participants and more than 20 drone technology companies.

A-techSYN is an Ireland-based drone manufacturer of VTOLs, fixed-wing UAS, target-acquisition drones, and communications and autopilot systems.


QuadSAT is located with its headquarters on the airside of UAS Denmark Test Center. QuadSAT focuses on continuous product development and test activities. A location in the airport allows them to fly up to 900 meters with AGL on a daily basis, just outside their facility. The NOTAM structure makes take-off possible by notifying the airport tower on the radio to an extent not possible elsewhere.

QuadSAT has developed a unique technology that allows antenna testing everywhere, at any time. The system is combined by a drone with a patent-pending payload and a software package for pre -and post-flight processing. The compact size eases transportation and makes the QuadSAT system a flexible, cost-efficient, and time-saving solution.

Photo by QuadSAT.

Lorenz Technology

Lorenz Technology develops an all-in-one solution where multiple drones, sites and functionalities are operated simultaneously in the web interface called the Lorenz Hive®.

Being based in Odense, they use the UAS Denmark Test Center for testing their state of the art drone solution.

Lorenz Technology is thankful to UAS Denmark Test Center for giving them the opportunity to showcase and test their solution as it helps them provide valuable drone technology to their current and future client base.

The University of Southern Denmark

SDU UAS Center conducts research, education as well as collaboration in the domain of drones. The center was established in 2015, counts 20 employees and works from a large research hangar at UAS Denmark Test Center.

SDU UAS Center carries out research in drone technologies and future drone applications within sectors and industries such as healthcare, agriculture, inspection and emergency management.

Through cooperation with leading universities, UAS businesses, public-private research institutions and government regulatory bodies, the SDU UAS Center advances UAS command and control, reliability, safety, and airspace integration. With a focus on applying drones in real life cases, the facilities in and the airspace around UAS Denmark Test Center is used intensively by the center and their many cooperation partners.