About UAS/Drones

On this page, you can read about the UAS market and applications as well as our approach to regulation and safety.

The UAS market

Drones have an enormous potential to serve our society and solve tasks that are “dull, dangerous or dirty”. And due to the small footprint and energy effective performance, they are beneficial for our climate as well.

Technological advancements, ease of regulations and acceptable price levels have made UAS technology gain foothold in numerous application areas the past 10 years. Originally developed for military use, drones are now applied to new areas in commercial and recreational arenas. Drones are saving many lives in search and rescue operations, streamline agriculture and forestry, support wildfire fighting, detects land mines, protects the ocean and fights pandemics.

UAS Denmark Test Center is working to support the continued development of the technology, its applications and the regulation as well as to give industry and academia well suited facilities. The market for drones and related technologies have been – and will be – growing rapidly in the commercial as well as the defense market. Different independent reports state average growth rates around 15 % (+/-) moving ahead. For example, sales of drones are expected to reach USD 58.4 billion globally by 2026 according to Markets and Markets.

Regulation and safety

Flying drones is heavily regulated by aviation authorities and international cooperative efforts globally to secure that the growing drone use does not negatively impact safety and security. Fortunately, there is a strong tradition within aviation to support this development. Rules and standards are developed for systems, training and procedures where you can fly etc.

UAS Denmark Test Center follows the regulatory development closely to support our users and at the same time to ensure that the center is developed with a “safety first” mindset.

Denmark adheres to the pan-European regulation from EASA and the competent authority in Denmark is the Danish Civil Aviation and Railway Authority.