Airport services

Hans Christian Andersen Airport’s mission is to ease the journey for their customers. We handle air transportation for passengers, we offer a business park, and we take part in the development of the future airspace by supporting drone companies and test facilities in accordance with international standards together with our partners in UAS Denmark Test Center.

Flight operations

We offer full support to get you airborne – access, facilities, permit, radio frequency issues and flight planning. With over 5,000 UAS operations a year, we are used to assisting the industry from local startups to international corporates.

Our Drone Operations Management continuously coordinates test activities between UAS operators and manned traffic, as well as facilitates BVLOS/Specific Category operations by issuing the necessary NOTAMS.

Flight information

If you are planning a trip to UAS Denmark Test Center, the airport’s AFIS-team is on-hand to answer any questions and to assist you with traffic information, weather observations, NOTAMs and flight plans.

Misc. services

From daily test activity to special events, we are used to supporting customers in the growing, unmanned industry. Be it rescue and firefighting services, security, facilities, catering or finding special equipment, we usually find the right solution.

Contact us today

You are always welcome to contact UAS Denmark Test Center if you have any questions or just want to talk.