Consulting and research

A major part of the UAS activity at the test center is focused on research and development as well as on quick time to market via testing and validating procedures and technologies.

Photo by QuadSAT

Test planning

Well planned testing that also takes regulatory barriers into account is key to a successful test campaign. You are welcome to reach out if you need competent feedback or advice on how your tests can best fulfil your purpose.

You can also take advantage of our thorough knowledge of the test area or even get support to locate potential cooperation partners for test and demonstration activities. For example, you might want to work with organizations related to your application, e.g. cooperation with local farmers, ship owners or the Danish Defense just to name a few.

Regulatory advice

Based on our work with approvals through the National Aviation Authority, we have developed in-depth knowledge about the existing and up-coming European regulation, standard scenarios, U-Space etc.

Most frequently, this experience is applied to support test flight approvals in our airspace, but it can also be applied to other relevant domains where the constantly developing drone regulation impacts your business or technology.

If we do not have the in-house knowledge needed to address your challenge, we offer to refer you to the right cooperation partner from academia or industry.

Verfication and validation

On your way to obtaining approvals to complex missions in real life, operating in our protected and less restrictive environment is an option to accelerate the process. In UAS Denmark Test Center you can build flight hours, validate and train procedures, build team competences etc. as input to your safety case.

We are happy to support you in organizing this process.

R&D cooperation

UAS Denmark Test Center, our partners and the local eco-system are actively involved in national as well as European projects as a path forward to accelerate business development and the more general drone development for use in our society. There is also an advantageous access to local funding as UAS and robotics is a highly prioritized lighthouse sector in the region.

Examples of research areas are plentiful, e.g. healthcare logistics, U-Space, 5G, autonomy and arctic deployment.

SDU UAS Center

The University of Southern Denmark’s Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute is an internationally recognized research department, which has maintained a leading position in robotics for more than two decades. Built on the expertise within robot systems and software, the SDU UAS Center was established in 2015.

The center conducts research in drone technologies and future drone applications within areas such as inspection, energy, healthcare, agriculture and emergency management. The center employs an interdisciplinary team of researchers with specializations within e.g. design and construction, robotics, computer vision, software and embedded systems, aiming to create drone solutions to the benefit of society.

The University of Southern Denmark is one of three founders of UAS Denmark Test Center together with Hans Christian Andersen Airport and Odense Municipality.