Facilities and assets

UAS Denmark Test Center is based in Hans Christian Andersen Airport – an international airport committed to testing and operating the aviation of tomorrow. Facilities to support UAS operations are available both at the airport and nearby in Odense.


Operating in UAS Denmark Test Center gives you full access to a range of benefits in Hans Christian Andersen Airport:


Among a range of workshops and hangars on site, SDU’s UAS Center stands out with their dedicated R&D facilities: Composite and electronics labs, optitrack and motions capture systems etc. The labs and its experts are available for companies, universities and partners on a rental and consultancy basis.

Denmark and the area around UAS Denmark Test Center is a hotspot for the development of robotics and unmanned systems in general.

Therefore, numerous test facilities are available. For example, climatic testing in temperature range -60°C to + 60°C is available at nearby LORC.


Another example of sensor target that is available in nearby locations is wind turbines (on- or offshore, running or fixed).

Denmark generally has a strong supply of world class, easy to access test facilities that complements UAS Denmark’s services.

Take a look at this mapping or contact us to find the right supplementary facility or equipment

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Photogrammetric test facility

For the testing, documenting, calibrating and benchmarking precision and quality of data from high precision UAS systems, we offer access to our photogrammetric test field. The field is placed inside the airport fence and consists of 46 Ground Control Points and 2 National Benchmarks. The field was opened in 2015 and was expanded during 2023 to increase its applicability.

The widespread use of drones for mapping purposes has made it necessary to ensure and test the quality of the data collected for the mapping of an area.

The facility has been developed and is maintained in a partnership with the Danish Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure, Phase One, Geoforum and UAS Denmark Test Center/HCA Airport.

User segments are platform manufacturers, drone users/operators, authorities, sensor and software developers.

Business Park

A range of different facilities are available for permanent or temporary use:

For investors: Hans Christian Andersen Airport is currently planning a further development of the business park due to the rising demand from the UAS industry. Real estate developers with an interest in accommodating this are encouraged to reach out to us.

Meeting venue

Regardless of the kind of event you are planning, Hans Christian Andersen Airport offers tailored solutions for your conference, meeting, training or special event. The event can be combined activities on airside – technology demonstrations etc. We have the AV equipment and staff to support your event.

Odense city area

Just 10 kilometers/10 minutes away, you will find Odense – Denmark’s third largest city with 200,000 inhabitants. Odense has more than 180 higher education programs, a university hospital and several strong clusters in the fields of robotics, drones, welfare technology and IT.