Airspace over land and sea

Our current airspace that is available on a 24 hours’ notice totals 1,900 km2 over land and sea – around 400 km2 over land and 1.500 km2 over sea – and it is therefore ideal for testing land based as well as maritime applications.

The outermost area connects to restricted areas for defense use giving you the option of adding another area through our cooperation with Danish Defense. The area then totals 3.000 km2.

The land area over the northern part of Funen is primarily flat agricultural land with some minor towns. We are able to plan your flights in a low-risk corridor that will make transit to airspace over sea possible for even larger platforms. Alternatively, we can refer you to launch areas in the vicinity of the northern coastline.

Airspace integration

At UAS Denmark Test Center, we strive to facilitate complex UAS operations in mixed airspace and to become a central hub for UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) research, development, and testing.

Our equipment, competences and procedures are under continuous development, and we take part in national as well as international projects to support the development of this key driver for the proliferation of Unmanned Aerial Systems.

As an example, we are part of the cooperation – U-Space Fyn chaired by Naviair – that defines, develops, tests and implements Denmark’s first U-Space. The University of Southern Denmark is also part of this project.

Get started

Any organization can get access to perform UAS operations in the test center. All it takes before you are up and running is a few preliminary steps – and we support you all the way.

For complex operations that demand approval from authorities, we offer our support as well.

Photo by QuadSAT

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