Gateway to Europe

To ensure the free circulation of drones and a level playing field within the European Union, EASA has developed common European rules that are now being implemented in the member countries.

Join an inner market

Europe is making great progress towards the delivery of a common European drone services market through common regulation, a U-Space framework, standard development, and investing in the necessary research and development activities that are a key enabler for the growth of safe, secure and green drone operations in Europe.

European approval

As of 2021, regulation for unmanned aircraft is pan-European – meaning easy transfer of a right to operate from one country to another. Up to now, this is mostly relevant for “Specific category” operations where a once approved SORA (“specific operations risk assessment”) in one country shall be recognized without further ado in another country.

If you have a European registered entity, you must first apply for approval in the state of registration, whereas third country operators are free to chose where to apply. In some cases, it might also be recommendable for third country operators to register your company in a European country.

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