Arctic Testing

UAS testing under real Arctic conditions

UAS Denmark Test Center offers easy access to testing and flying drones and related equipment in Greenland under real Arctic conditions. As demonstrating true Arctic capabilities becomes increasingly relevant, our test facilities in Kangerlussuaq on the west coast of Greenland are your one-stop, no-red tape access point to state-of-the-art Arctic UAS testing.

Arctic 2023

What do we offer?

Our services cover any flight purpose you might have. It can be for climate testing of aircraft and payloads (e.i. military standards STANAG 4370 or AECTP-230) or for a diversity of commercial or research purposes, for instance with a focus on ice sheet-, climate- or wildlife research.

The main test facility is based in Kangerlussuaq on the west coast. It is easily accessible by air, has well suited facilities for test teams and road connection directly to the ice sheet. But all other settlements with airports or helipads are accessible should your operational needs demand otherwise. In any case, you are welcome to get in touch with us for more detailed information.

Our Arctic test center facility is based on a partnership with Mittarfeqarfiit (Greenland Airports) and in cooperation with other local entities such as Kangerlussuaq International Science Support (KISS) as well as the Danish CAA.

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Test base: Kangerlussuaq

Kangerlussuaq is a smaller settlement with more than 750 beds for tourists and researchers. The settlement also has basic shops, a gym and a bar/pizzeria.

Kangerlussuaq hosts Greenland’s main airport and was originally founded on a former US air base. New airports are currently being built in Greeland but Kangerlussuaq will still be used by the Danish Armed Forces.

Air Greenland and Icelandair flies to Kangerlussuaq year-round, just as cruise ships also visit the settlement in the summer season.

Read more about Kangerlussuaq here.


There are several accommodation opportunities in Kangerlussuaq. Based on UAS Denmark Test Center’s cooperation with Greenland Airports, we initially refer test teams to Kangerlussuaq International Science Support (KISS). KISS is owned by the Greenlandic government and operated by the Greenland Civil Aviation Department (Mittarfeqarfiit).

KISS has several buildings holding a wet laboratory, a dry laboratory, a computer room with internet access, kitchen, mess, living room, conference room, toilets, showers, a well-equipped workshop, offices and storage room. The laboratories are equipped with only very basic equipment such as ovens, scale, refrigerator and deep freezer.

Scientific equipment: Deep freezer, refrigerators, drying oven, electrical power (110 V and 220-230 V, 60 Hz)

KISS can accommodate up to more than 300 persons. There are also accommodations in Kangerlussuaq on Airbnb.

Alternative acommodation

Hotel Kangerlussuaq

Choose between private rooms, suites, private bathrooms.
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Polar Lodge

Choose between private rooms, shared bathrooms, shared kitchen and common area.
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Old Camp

Choose between private rooms, shared bathrooms, shared kitchen and common area.
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Youth Hostel

Choose between private rooms, dorm rooms, shared bathrooms, shared kitchen and common area.
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Hangar facilities

Workshop and storage opportunities are many and we offer hangar B-526 as a starting point. We have several other options as well.


Flights and airspace

Greenland offers exceptionally good opportunities for UAS operations in potentially challenging weather conditions. Because of the low-risk airspace and ground characteristics, we offer easier access to operate bigger platforms, to fly BVLOS etc.

Please note that Greenland is not a part of the European Union and has thus not adopted the EASA drone regulation but has kept the original Denmark regulation BL 9-4. This means that civil operations that are not regarded as low risk (approximately what falls outside EASA Open Category) demands a dispensation approval. UAS Denmark Test Center can guide you through that process.


Climatic chamber

The 900 m3 climatic test chamber in Denmark is the only commercially available in Northern Europe providing a combination of three different environmental systems to perfectly simulate an offshore environment.

• Temperature control

• Humidity control

• Salt spray

The three environmental parameters can be individually controlled or programmed as combined effects to simulate the harsh offshore atmosphere as realistically as possible.

Numerous test facilities are available, for instance climatic testing at nearby LORC in temperature range:

• -60°C

• +60°C


UAS Denmark partners in Greenland

Mittarfeqarfiit (Greenland Airports): Your local point-of-contact – customer introduction, logistics, facilities, flight planning.

Kangerlussuaq International Science Support (KISS): Accommodation and facilities.

Sulisitsisut (Greenland Business Association)





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