Approval support

Easy access to fly UAS or to carry out other activities is our main concern.

Access and permit to fly

Any organization can get access to perform UAS operations in the test center:

1) Basic access under UAS Denmark approval: To get airborne, you only need airside access, to sign a so-called operator’s agreement and to take part in a briefing about our local rules regarding radio communication etc.
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2) Permit to fly: More complex operations (“Specific Category”) usually entails an operational authorization from the National Aviation Authority unless the operation is covered by a Standard Scenario.

We support operator in obtaining the necessary approval and work continuously with industry, research and authorities to expand the envelope for what is possible – on a one-to-one basis or through R & D projects.

We have obtained thorough experience with the SORA methodology (Specific Operations Risk Assessment – developed by JARUS) and offer to support your application work – or how you best organize the development of a new platform or other technology in accordance with the legal requirements.

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SORA (Specific Operations Risk Assessment) is a multi-stage process of risk assessment aiming at risk analysis of certain unmanned aircraft operations, as well as defining necessary mitigations and robustness levels. The method is applied for operations that fall outside the low risk Open Category.

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