As one of the only test centers in Europe UAS Denmark Test Center combines the unique elements of a BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) airspace ready to use over sea without interference from other aviation.

Using the airspace

We work closely with the authorities, universities and industry both nationally and internationally.

The Testcenter has at its disposal 867 km2 airspace which can be activated for segregated UAS operations. This airspace is divided into 3 area OD1, OD2 and OD3.

Launching inside the airport

OD1 is typically used for VLOS operations from HCA Airport as well as BVLOS operations extending into OD2/3.

BVLOS can be conducted entirely within OD1 if need for flight distance is limited and longer flights can be achieved into OD 2 and OD3.

Launching outside of Airport

It is also possible to conduct operations launching from outside of HCA Airport. This provides two potential benefits:

Get started today

Any person or organization can get access to perform UAS operations in the test center – all it requires is that you follow the steps below.