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Expansion of photogrammetric test facility at UAS Denmark Test Center

At UAS Denmark Test Center, we offer access to our photogrammetric test field for the testing, documenting, calibrating, benchmarking precision and quality of data from high precision UAS systems. In 2023, the test facility was expanded to increase its applicability.

Thanks Phase One for the great photo. (Shot with P5 SL 35 mm – Speed: 18 m/s – Altitude: 60 m. – GSD: 0.58 – Shutter speed: 1/3200)

With the widespread use of drones for mapping purposes, it has become essential to ensure and test the quality of the data collected for the mapping of an area.

This can for instance be achieved via a photogrammetric test field. And at UAS Denmark Test Center, we offer easy access to our own photogrammetric test field which is placed inside the fence of HCA Airport and consists of 46 Ground Control Points and 2 National Benchmarks.

The field was opened in 2015 and was expanded during 2023 to increase its applicability. In addition to several Ground Control Points placed throughout HCA Airport, other items have been placed in the area. Among them are a color field and a Siemens star.

Our photogrammetric test facility has been developed and is maintained in a partnership with the Danish Agency for Data Supply and Infrastructure, the company Phase One, Geoforum and HCA Airport.

“At Phase One, we  are using  the photogrammetric  verification facility for the testing and documenting of new and existing Phase One cameras used for both drones and manned flights. When we bring new products to the market, we always want to provide our customers and partners the highest level of imaging solutions in terms of image quality, geometric accuracy and productivity. The facility is the perfect place for  us to  verify and ensure the superior performance of our cutting-edge cameras and solutions, “ says Michael Messerschmidt, Unmanned Portfolio Director at Phase One.

Want to know more? Feel free to contact us for more information on our photogrammetric test facility. You can find our contact information here.

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