International Drone Show 2023 brought the drone industry together in Odense

Hundreds of drone developers, end-users, scholars and decision-makers from all over the world gathered on Tuesday, August 29, for the International Drone Show 2023 at Hans Christian Andersen Airport near Odense, Denmark.

The International Drone Show (IDS) 2023 at the Danish Hans Christian Andersen Airport was once again a huge success with participation from key industry players from the private as well as the public sector, spanning from startups to well-established companies as well as a broad range of potential end-users.

Along the way, participants – coming from mainly the Nordic countries, the rest of Europe and the US – had the opportunity to hear more about highly topical issues such as green mobility, security and defense, and legislation. The program included panel debates, presentations and workshops on topics such as defense, Nordic airspace, vertiports, digital air traffic and protection of critical infrastructure.

“It was a pleasure to see so many familiar and new faces. The drone industry is evolving rapidly, which is why it is important to have events like the International Drone Show, where you can refuel with new knowledge, forge new relationships and hopefully go home both inspired and excited,” says Michael Larsen, Head of UAS Denmark Test Center, which is behind IDS together with the cluster organization Odense Robotics.

Great for doing business
One of the main purposes of the International Drone Show is to bring together manufacturers and developers of drone technology with potential end users and partners from both the private and public sectors – including the defense sector.

Therefore, this year there was a new option to book business meetings in advance and hold them at the airport during the event.

“After all, it’s easier to do business when you’re sitting across from each other. Therefore, we have tried to create the optimal framework so that you can also use IDS to expand your network, forge new partnerships and make new agreements,” says Lisa Rosenlyst Hansen, Business Manager at Odense Robotics.

More than 25 exhibitors showcased their solutions and projects at this year’s IDS, including well-established drone companies such as Nordic Unmanned, UXV Technologies and Rohde & Schwarz.

The green infrastructure of tomorrow
IDS also featured tracks about CUAS (counter-unmanned aircraft systems) and the use of drones in military and defence, as well as a legislation track featuring a keynote speak from EASA, European Union Aviation Safety Agency.

Another topic high on the agenda was green mobility and specifically flying taxis for convenient and CO2-friendly transportation of passengers between cities, regions and even countries.

The first commercial flying taxis will be airborne during next summer’s Olympics in Paris, but many other cities around the world are looking at flying taxis as a supplement to traditional commuter traffic on roads and railways – including Odense.

At IDS, it was thus possible to listen to presentations from a number of players who are helping to develop tomorrow’s green infrastructure – including Swedish Kookiejar and Danish Copenhagen Helicopter.

Throughout the day, there were also live demo flights with drones from Quadsat, DroneVolt, Nordic Wing, Avular, Ericsson and University of Southern Denmark, among others.

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