NAUST Robotics joins UAS Denmark Test Center

UAS Denmark Test Center can now add once another drone company to their large portfolio as NAUST Robotics has joined the ecosystem at HCA Airport. The Funen drone company specializes in reducing bird damage in agriculture fields using drones equipped with speakers.

A field covered with migratory birds, which can eat all the crops, is a nightmare for farmers everywhere, and the bird problem has been difficult to overcome. However the Funen drone company NAUST Robotics has developed a drone is reducing bird damage at arable land, so that the farmers’ crops are secured. NAUST Robotics joins the ecosystem at UAS Denmark Test Center, where they will develop their drones further.

– We are excited to start a new chapter in NAUST Robotics, moving from Odense Robotics Startup Hub to UAS Denmark Test Center. This will not only support the manufacturing of the increasing drone orders, but the large technical expertise also speeds up our development towards truly autonomous operations in agriculture, says Balázs Megyeri, who is director and co-founder of NAUST Robotics.

In the future, drones will play a key role in agriculture which requires clever and sustainable solutions. Damage caused by birds entails that about 30 percent of the crops are lost, and in fields closer to water, these numbers are close to 100 percent.

In need of more space

NAUST Robotics joins the test center directly from Odense Robotics’ StartUp Hub, after having formed and tested their product. Now, NAUST Robotics is ready for the next step on their journey at UAS Denmark Test Center, that is looking forward to the collaboration:

– We are very pleased that NAUST Robotics is joining our ecosystem. They have a solution that is in high request, and they want to further develop it here. They are moving into our rental building, which we must expand to accommodate to future companies, and it is only positive that our ecosystem is growing. UAS Denmark Test Center is also the right place for NAUST Robotics as the network at our test center will strengthen them, says from Michael Larsen, Head of UAS Denmark Test Center.

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