NextGen Drones

UAS Denmark Test Center is a part of the Danish lighthouse project NextGen Robotics, which brings together Funen’s unique competencies within robotics, drones, and unmanned sea vessels to develop the next generation of robots and autonomous high technology.

We focus on drones

In collaboration with HCA Airport, we focus on developing systems that make it possible for planes and drones to fly together in the same airspace – thereby utilizing the drone technology’s full potential.
A key ingredient in this project is using state-of-the-art radar signals in order to track drones and airplanes for several kilometers.

In collaboration with

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In this video, Michael Larsen, Head of UAS Denmark Test Center, explains more about how we want to address some of the challenges in the drone industry – including how we can develop systems that make it possible to have drones and traditional manned air traffic in the air at the same time.

The vision for NextGen Project

NextGen Robotics gathers companies, organizations, and educations and creates a collaborative community where people from multiple fields and with different backgrounds can share know-how about technology, labour, and experience. 

The vision is to create an international and world-class ecosystem for testing, developing and producing the next generation of robotics and autonomous solutions.

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