UAS Denmark Test Center signs MOU with American tech company Shield AI

UAS Denmark Test Center is proud to announce a new partnership with leading AI and drone tech player, Shield AI, with whom we have just signed a new MOU. As part of the MOU, Shield AI aims at establishing a regional Shield AI entity at the test center.

With the new MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding), UAS Denmark Test Center has secured an important collaboration partner in the form of American AI and drone technology company Shield AI.

In continuation of the MOU, Shield AI aims at establishing a regional Shield AI entity that will conduct tests, demonstrations, training, maintenance, repairs, and evaluation related to V-BAT and components and subsystems in UAS Denmark Test Center’s large BVLOS airspace.

A significant addition to the ecosystem

”From UAS Denmark Test Center’s point of view, we are very excited to initiate this collaboration. With a mission of protecting service members and civilians with intelligent systems, Shield AI is for sure one of the world’s most interesting companies within autonomous systems for military assets, and the addition of Shield AI to our ecosystem is another milestone in our continuous efforts to boost drone potentials,” says Michael Larsen, Head of UAS Denmark Test Center, adding:

“The collaboration with Shield AI will hopefully mark the beginning of a long-term collaboration, which can lead to not only an increased activity level but will also fuel job creation and new investments in our industry.”

A leading AI and drone tech company

Shield AI is an American artificial intelligence company founded in 2015, based on Shield AI-cofounder Brandon Tseng’s personal experience as a Navy SEAL. Shield AI develops AI systems and hardware for drones and other types of autonomous aircrafts with an ambition to secure the military of the future.

With a mission to protect service members and civilians with intelligent systems, Shield AI has for instance developed the world’s first and only AI pilot, Hivemind, and the intelligent UAS, V-BAT.

“Our NATO allies in Europe are facing immense pressure to maintain regional stability and they require the best tactical ISR resources to execute their most strategic missions. Our work with UAS Denmark Test Center helps us deliver V-BAT – the most tactical, logistically simple UAS in the world – to Danish and European partners,”

Brandon Tseng, Shield AI’s co-founder and President.

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