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Dedrone opens office at HCA Airport

Dedrone, a global leader in airspace security, joins the ecosystem at HCA Airport.

The drone ecosystem at HCA Airport is constantly growing, and now another international company joins our business park.

Counter-UAS specialist Dedrone, one of the world’s leading companies within airspace security, recently opened an office at HCA Airport in order to tap into the airport’s ecosystem of developers, scholars and other key players in the drone value chain.

“We are happy to witness that our test center serves as a hub for the entire drone ecosystem – both in terms of physical drones and their software systems as well as anti-drone technology (counter UAS/C-UAS),” says Head of UAS Denmark Test Center Michael Larsen, adding:

“With Dedrone we are adding an internationally acclaimed counter-drone specialist to our ecosystem, and we are confident that both Dedrone, the test center and our other companies will benefit Dedrone’s presence at the airport.”


Real-time development and testing

Amongst other things, Dedrone is planning on using the test facilities at UAS Denmark Test Center for real-time development and testing with access to the highest-end sensors and threat simulation capabilities.

Dedrone, founded in 2014 and headquartered just outside of Washington D.C., is implemented across 32 countries and used by five of the G-7 nation governments.

Dedrone is the second American company this year to establish itself at HCA Airport. Earlier in 2023, Thunderstrike Aviation announced plans to build a test-, development and demonstration center at the airport.

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