Denmark’s national drone test center and Mittarfeqarfiit A/S are to collaborate in Greenland

UAS Denmark Test Center, Denmark’s national drone test center, and Mittarfeqarfiit A/S, Greenland Airports, are now establishing a collaboration that will contribute to the development and testing of drones under Arctic conditions at Kangerlussuaq Airport. With the Greenlandic partnership, UAS Denmark Test Center becomes the first test center in Europe to offer tests and flights […]

International Drone Show 2023 brought the drone industry together in Odense

Hundreds of drone developers, end-users, scholars and decision-makers from all over the world gathered on Tuesday, August 29, for the International Drone Show 2023 at Hans Christian Andersen Airport near Odense, Denmark. The International Drone Show (IDS) 2023 at the Danish Hans Christian Andersen Airport was once again a huge success with participation from key […]

NextGen Robotics receives DKK 43.5 million for further development

The Funen lighthouse project NextGen Robotics, which UAS Denmark Test Center and HCA Airport are part of, receives DKK 43.5 million from the Danish Board of Business Development. The funds will further develop the lighthouse project and be used for innovation collaborations between companies and knowledge institutions. Weibel, which is located at HCA Airport, is […]

Experienced aeronautical engineer to make drones mainstream 

Denmark’s national drone test center, UAS Denmark Test Center, is strengthening its competencies in the development and optimisation of drone technologies. Lars Illum Jørgensen, who has more than 25 years of experience from the airborne defence industry in particular, will be the new business developer from 1 October. There are few Danes with a CV […]

Drone experts discuss the future at International Drone Show in Denmark

Hundreds of drone specialists from across Europe and beyond will gather at the International Drone Show in Denmark in August in Denmark to discuss the latest drone developments and explore future potential. Leading experts will present key topics including defence, Nordic airspace, vertiports, digital air traffic control and securing critical infrastructure. Denmark has become a […]

New partnership with ID2Move in Belgium

UAS Denmark Test Center has signed a Memorandum of Understand (MoU) with Belgian Center of Excellence, ID2Move. At UAS Denmark Test Center we strive to support and strengthen growth in drone industry by creating strong partnerships on both local and global scale. We are therefore very pleased to have initiated a new partnership with ID2Move […]

Fly from Odense to Copenhagen in a CO2-neutral taxi drone in 20 min.

Can you imagine travelling from Odense to Copenhagen in less than 30 minutes? In a CO2-neutral taxi drone? This could very well be reality within 2-3 years. Serious plans are underway for the first generation of noiseless, CO2-neutral taxi drones that can carry up to 6 passengers for as long as 300 kilometers – enabling […]

International Drone Show 2023

Join us for International Drone Show 2023 The 2023 edition of International Drone Show will take place on 29 August at HCA Airport. Make sure to save the date – tickets are on sale now. See new drone technologies in action, network and hear talks from some of the biggest players in Europe’s drone industry […]

International Drone Show 22

This year the International Drone Show managed to gather more than 300 people from the drone industry at HCA Airport. Amongst them you would find companies, scientist, and other actors gathered to learn more about the latest trends and technologies within the drone industry. See photos from the event below.